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JOIN US IN THIS 3 PART SERIES to learn about the leading material ingredient disclosure programs helping AECOs & MFRs make better decisions about materials used in products and projects. While all disclosures from all the programs contribute to rating system materials credits, each provides different information. –

The Health Product Declaration® (HPD) Open Standard is the most widely used transparency and material health reporting method in the building industry, with over 10,000 published HPD reports representing over 40,000 building products.

HPD Open Standard v2.3 will be released in Q2 2022. This version introduces new features and important refinements to improve usability by both MFRs and project teams. It includes a new section to indicate compliance with other key restricted substances lists including LBC Red List, C2C Banned List, Perkins&Will Precautionary List and more.

WITH SPECIAL GUESTS: • Wendy Vittori, Executive Director, Health Product Declaration Collaborative • Mary Dickinson, Material Performance Lab, Co-Director; Associate Principal, Perkins&Will • Terry Swack, Founder & CEO, Sustainable Minds

JOIN US TO LEARN ABOUT: • What’s new in the HPD Open Standard v2.3 • The Perkins&Will Precautionary List • Using the Transparency Catalog to find all brands & products with HPDs in every MasterFormat® section – and now Precautionary List-Free materials – in 1 click

The Transparency Catalog makes it super easy to select, specify & procure greener and healthier products for high performance buildings—and reward building product manufacturers for making them. Now with 1,770+ brands, across 27 CSI MasterFormat® divisions & 1,250 sections, the Transparency Catalog provides deeper and more useful integration of partner data plus new tools that make it even easier to work the way you want, to get the best results – fast.

JOIN US to learn about HPD v2.3 capabilities and how they benefit you!

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