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The Health Product Declaration’s Technical Committee has responsibility for development and maintenance of the HPD Open Standard.  To assist the Technical Committee in this work, the HPDC establishes Technical Sub-Groups to address specific topics in depth and detail.  These Sub-Groups examine issues and formulate recommendations for the Technical Committee.  This Call for Applicants applies to the Harmonization Technical Sub-Group.  Its Charter is appended to this Call for Applicants.  This is a Standing Sub-Group.

Any representative of a member organization of the HPDC may apply to participate. Participants must have expertise and experience relevant to the Sub-Group activities as described below.  Members will represent user, manufacturer, and as appropriate ecosystem perspectives.

Appointments to Standing Sub-Groups will be for a two-year term.  When the Sub-Group is being established participants may be randomly selected for a one-year initial term in order to stagger terms.

The time commitment for Sub-Groups will include conference calls once or twice per month plus work between calls to conduct research, develop draft materials, and review drafts.

Expertise Required

Required Qualifications for all Sub-Groups are:

  • Employee of a Member organization
  • Ability and willingness to commit time to this effort including
    • Attendance at one call per month of one hour each; attendance at 6 out of 8 calls required.
    • Offline review of materials as needed between calls.
    • Participation in special calls as needed.
    • Participation in face-to-face meetings if scheduled.

The Harmonization Sub-Group will assess the need for ongoing evolution of consistent and harmonized definitions, data analysis, data reporting, and other relevant issues and propose adjustments to the HPD Open Standard that are considered appropriate to further harmonization.  Experience and expertise in one or more of the following required:

  • Developing and/or maintaining standards, certifications, and other tools that are engaged in product content and health information reporting, analysis, assessment, and certification.
  • Applying these tools in support of Manufacturing, Third-Party Support, or User Organizations
  • Data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Toxicology/ hazard lists.
  • Intellectual property protection.
  • Product selection and/or specification using health and hazard information and tools.

Application Process

Individuals may serve on a maximum of two HPDC Technical Committee and/or Technical Sub-Group positions at any one time.  A member organization may only have one representative on any Sub-Group at a given time.

How to Submit an Application

Representatives of member organizations interested in serving on any of the groups included in this Call for Applicants must complete the online Technical Sub Group Application Form.  This form will include at least the following information:

  • Applicant Name
  • Applicant Member Organization – name, address
  • Applicant Contact information – email, telephone
  • Submission Date
  • Technical Sub-Group (if applying for more than one, submit a separate form for each)
  • Statement of Interest
  • Experience/ expertise for each Qualification
  • Acceptance of requirements for attendance and participation
  • Attachment or link to resume/CV (optional)

Please note that HPDC may invite candidates to serve on a group for which they did not indicate interest based on the candidate’s expertise and the needs of each group.


DEADLINE EXTENDED: This call opens Tuesday, 6 September 2016 and the deadline for submissions is Monday, 17 October 2016 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

 Process for Selection

Applications will be reviewed by HPDC staff for completeness and adherence to membership and other requirements.  All applications that meet these criteria will be forwarded to the HPDC Technical Committee for review and selection (as appropriate to the Group).  The Technical Committee may request that Staff assist in this process.

Harmonization Technical Sub-Group Charter


The mission of the Harmonization Technical Sub-Group is to support the HPDC in coordination and harmonization with other organizations, standards, certifications, and tools in the ecosystem towards the objective of establishing the HPD Open Standard as a common reporting language and methodology that can be used by all participating organizations to simplify and streamline the process and outcomes of data collection about building product contents and associated health information.  As the Material Health Evaluation Programs Harmonization Update states: “Harmonization of program data needs and assessment protocols into a unified ecosystem will reduce entry barriers and confusion for manufacturers and product end-users alike.” (p.2)

Role and Responsibilities

The Harmonization Technical Sub-Group is responsible for:

  • Providing a forum for open discussion among sponsors of standards, certifications, and other tools that are engaged in product content and health information reporting, analysis, assessment, and certification, as well as organizations that rely on the results of these activities.
  • Encouraging dialog and consensus on consistent and harmonized definitions, data analysis, data reporting, and other relevant issues.
  • Bringing forward proposals to the Technical Committee for adjustments to the HPD Open Standard that are considered appropriate to further harmonization.This work will build on and carry forward the work initiated by the Material Health Harmonization Task Group.

The Harmonization Technical Sub-Group is chartered to produce whatever materials are consistent with the Sub-Group’s mission and scope.  As a Standing Sub-Group, it will develop a Work Plan for each year and a Progress Report at the completion of the year.  These documents will be delivered to the HPDC Technical Committee and will be shared with all participating organizations.


The Harmonization Technical Sub-Group is a Standing Sub-Group with no sunset date.  It will continue in operation until the HPDC Technical Committee votes to change its charter.


The Harmonization Technical Sub-Group will be composed of representatives of two constituencies:

  • The first constituency within this TSG will consist of organizations actively engaged in the harmonization of product ingredient and health information reporting and disclosure with their own systems. Organizations who are participants in the ongoing “Harmonization Task Group” will be invited to provide a participant for the Sub-Group membership, subject to meeting Sub-Group membership criteria outlined above.  Others who have similar efforts/interests are also invited to apply for membership.
  • The second constituency within this TSG will be representatives of member organizations who are experienced in working with the systems of the Harmonization Task Group participants, but are not themselves representatives of these organizations. Typically, these will be representatives from manufacturer and user member categories, and also may include ecosystem members who bring relevant perspectives.

It is expected that participants will attend conference calls; in the event a participant from an invited organization is unable to attend, a proxy may be sent in his or her place to ensure representation of each organization.  It will be the responsibility of the regular participant to brief the proxy on the discussion topics to be addressed in the meeting to minimize disruption to the ongoing work and progress of the group.  If a participant is unable to attend regularly, the Chair has the option of discussing this with the relevant organization to determine if another representative should be appointed.  Proxies are not allowed for other participants.


The Technical Committee will appoint a Chair and Vice Chair for the Sub-Group.  The Chair may be a member of the Technical Committee. The Chair and Vice Chair must be representatives of General Members. The role of the Chair is to establish agendas for calls, facilitate discussion on calls, and work with HPDC staff to prepare the annual Work Plan and Progress Report.  The Sub-Group Chair will serve as a non-voting member of the Technical Committee and will attend TC meetings, participate in discussions, and contribute to work products as appropriate.  The Vice Chair will serve any of the functions in the Chair’s absence.

 Terms and Term Limits

Appointments to the Sub-Group will be for a two-year term.  When the Sub-Group is being established participants may be randomly selected for a one-year initial term in order to stagger terms.  Appointments to the Sub-Groups may be made at any time.  There are no limits on reappointment.

Appointed leaders of the Sub-Group may serve 2 one-year terms, until either he or she resigns from the role, or is remove by the Technical Committee.  In the event that the leadership term of the Chair or Vice Chair expires prior to their term of appointment to the Sub-Group, they will remain a member of the Sub-Group if they so desire


The Harmonization Technical Sub-Group will meet via teleconference on a monthly schedule on a day and at a time that is mutually agreeable to members. As needed, the Sub-Group will hold interim meetings in between regular meetings.  Sub-Group members will also be asked to review documents and other tasks between meetings as needed. HPDC Operating Procedures for Groups provides guidance on procedures, attendance, and other policies.

Work of the Sub-Group will be accomplished by consensus.  In cases where there is division on a topic, a vote will be taken and a majority of those present will be required for approval.  A quorum consists of a simple majority of members of the group.  The Chair can also elevate these issues to the whole Technical Committee.