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Call for Technical Committee and Harmonization Technical Sub-Group Applicants

The Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC) is seeking applicants for membership on the HPDC Technical Committee and the Harmonization Technical Sub-Group. The deadline for applications is Friday, January 12, 2018 at 5 pm PDT. 

The HPDC Technical Committee is a 17-member group that takes the leadership role in setting and driving HPDC’s technical agenda, working together with the HPDC Board of Directors and HPDC Staff team. Composed of a diverse set of senior industry experts, the Committee directs the maintenance and evolution of the HPD Open Standard and associated technical deliverables. In support of these critical outputs, the Committee will establish and maintain processes and procedures under which such technical work is conducted and governed.

As needed, the HPDC Technical Committee forms and manages sub-groups around particular technical topics. The Technical Committee also provides ongoing guidance and counsel to the Board of Directors and HPDC Staff team around technical matters pertaining to the HPDC mission and operating plan.

Members of the HPDC Technical Committee are appointed by the HPDC Board of Directors, on an annual basis, for terms of two years. Individual members qualify for membership on the Technical Committee if they are duly appointed representatives of HPDC General Member organizations. There is also a provision for the appointment of domain/subject matter experts, who are duly appointed members of either General or Affiliate HPDC Member organizations, or are otherwise authorized by the HPDC Board of Directors.

At this time, the HPDC Board of Directors is seeking applicants for 8 Technical Committee seats. To apply for a seat on the HPDC Technical Committee, please complete the online application form.

To assist the Technical Committee in this work, the HPDC establishes Technical Sub-Groups to address specific topics in depth and detail. This Call for Applicants applies to the Harmonization Technical Sub-Group.
The Harmonization Sub-Group will assess the need for ongoing evolution of consistent and harmonized definitions, data analysis, data reporting and other relevant issues, and propose adjustments to the HPD Open Standard that are considered appropriate to further harmonization. Experience and expertise in one or more of the following is required:
  • Developing and/or maintaining standards, certifications, and other tools that are engaged in product content and health information reporting, analysis, assessment, and certification
  • Applying these tools in support of Manufacturing, Third-Party Support or User Organizations
  • Data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Toxicology/hazard lists
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Product selection and/or specification using health and hazard information and tools

Any representative of a member organization of the HPDC may apply to participate. Participants must have expertise and experience relevant to the Sub-Group activities. Appointments will be for a two-year term. Representatives of member organizations interested in serving on the Harmonization Technical Sub-Group must complete the online application form.

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