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We want to begin our newsletter this month with a sincere ‘thank you’ to all of our HPDC members and all who have supported the HPD Open Standard by practicing transparency in 2017! This has been a year of very significant accomplishment for HPDC, capped off by our HPDC membership ranks surpassing 200 organization members this month!

Your organizations’ efforts – and those of the over 500 sustainability professionals who represent them – have resulted in over 3,300 published HPDs to date, with hundreds being added monthly, and many thousands of downloads since the HPD Public Repository launched a little over a year ago. This achievement is making Transparency Practice a reality and bodes well for the strong growth of our open ecosystem transparency movement in 2018.

We wish everyone a very happy holiday season and a joyous New Year!

Call for Technical Committee and Harmonization TSG Applicants

This is your annual opportunity to apply for HPDC’s Technical Committee and Harmonization Technical Sub-Group! Applications close on January 15th. Please follow the link below for more information.

HPDC Elects 2018 Board of Directors

HPDC General Members have elected the 2018 Board of Directors, with five incumbent directors returning for three-year terms:

  • User Category: Suzanne Drake (Perkins+Will), Susan Kaplan (HLW International), Anthony Ravitz (Google)
  • Manufacturer Category: Tim Cole, (nora)
  • Ecosystem Category: Gail Vittori (Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems).

Additionally, the Board has appointed Rand Ekman of HKS (see Member Corner below) to a one-year term to fill the vacancy left by the retirement of Rus Perry (SmithGroupJJR). These members join nine returning Board members. Congratulations to all and a special thank you to Rus Perry for his many years of service and for being a Transparency Champion! Rus, we will miss you!

Third Party Verifiers Approved!

Congratulations to the first group of HPDC Approved Verifiers, whose applications were approved by the HPDC Technical Committee this month: Green Circle Certified, SCS Global Services, Vertima and WAP Sustainability! These firms have undergone a rigorous application and peer, staff and committee review process to ensure their qualifications meet the quality standards of the HPDC Third Party Verification Program. Many thanks to these verifiers and to the manufacturers who participated with them in the successful Pilot program.

Green Circle Certified

  • Tuntex Carpet
  • Superior Essex

  • Soprema
  • Nordic Engineered Wood
SCS Global Services
  • Technistone
  • Nydree
  • Sloan
WAP Sustainability
  • Industrial Louvers
  • Humanscale

Intro to Third Party Verification for Manufacturers

Join us on January 26th at 11am ET, as we host a free webinar on the Verification Program, geared towards the needs of manufacturers who are contemplating obtaining verification for their HPDs. The webinar will provide a brief overview of the Verification Program, introduce the Approved Verifiers (who will briefly describe their firms and verification services) and allow time for a Q&A period.

Strong Growth Continues in HPD Starts, Published HPDs and Downloads

Published HPDs continue to grow at record pace, with over 3,300 now publicly available in the HPD Public Repository! In November, 95 net new HPDs were uploaded and 864 HPDs were downloaded by 211 unique IP addresses. In the HPD Builder, 15 new companies registered as users and 140 new HPDs were started. Take a look at the manufacturers publishing HPDs since our last newsletter – do you see manufacturers of products you use? If so, visit the HPD Public Repository to access their HPDs!

Anzea Textiles
ASM Modular Systems, Inc.
Bentzon Carpet
Carpets International Thailand Public Company Limited
Ecore International
Luna Textiles
Mannington Commercial
Momentive Performance Materials
The Mitchell Group

HPDC Staff Update

To say that we have been lucky to have Joel Todd as a member of our HDPC staff for the past several years is a great understatement. As HPDC’s Technical and Education Director, Joel has led staff oversight and development of the HPD Open Standard, has been our chief liaison with HPDC’s Technical Committee and Technical Sub-Groups, worked with key harmonization partners such as the USGBC, and has also led development of HPDC’s educational materials.

Joel has decided that the time has come for her to retire, and she will be ramping down her current responsibilities as we complete the development of HPD Open Standard v2.2 in the first half of 2018. Needless to say, Joel will leave very big shoes to fill, but we are happy that she will be continuing to work with us for the next several months and will save our goodbyes until that time comes. In the meantime, if you or someone you know might be interested to learn more about this position, please visit the job posting on our website.

Member Corner

Introducing HPDC’s New Board Member – Rand Ekman, Chief Sustainability Officer, HKS

Throughout his 20-plus year career, Rand Ekman has been a vocal advocate for a sustainable, resilient future, both inside and outside the profession of architecture. He shares HPDC’s conviction in architecture’s capacity to elevate the human condition through professional advocacy, education and high performance buildings. HKS originated the mindful Materials initiative that has evolved over the past year into an industry-wide collaborative providing an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform for design professionals.

In all of these efforts, Rand has been a committed supporter of the Health Product Declaration. In his own words, “The work of the HPDC is crucial toward creating an informed, data-rich, transparent foundation for design practice and material optimization. Material decisions are not abstract – it’s what occurs daily in many informed and less informed ways. Understanding the impact of these decisions starts with substantive and comparable material information. The next step is creating the knowledge and behaviors in design to actively engage in optimization. Participating with the HPDC Board allows me to have a real impact in issues I care deeply about. Simply stated, this is architecture’s role in healing the planet and maintaining the health and prosperity of all people and all species. This is not a single act, an individual project or a one-time relationship. It is work, but it is enormously rewarding.”

Welcome, Rand, to the HPDC Board!

HPDC Membership Surpasses 200 organizations!

Last year we set a stretch goal to grow our HPDC membership to 200 organizations by the end of 2017. Thanks to your commitment and support, we have achieved this goal. HPDC is the largest member organization dedicated to Transparency Practice and we welcome our newest members to help us lead the way with Transparency Now!

Our Newest Members


Apollo Flow Controls
Colden Corporation


Anzea Textiles
Brogan Wood Products LLC
Indiana Limestone Institute of America, Inc.
PolyOne Corporation
Thinkstep, Inc.

For the full list of HPDC members – now almost 200 organizations – click here.

HPD Collaborative is a not-for-profit member organization responsible for the maintenance and evolution of the HPD Open Standard. To see the full list of HPDC members, click here. For more information, or to join HPD Collaborative, please visit the HPDC website. The work of HPD Collaborative is made possible by our members – through their volunteer efforts and annual dues – and by our sponsors, with their generous financial contribution. We would like also to thank the JPB Foundation for their support of our work through the HAMP project.

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