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Practicing Transparency in 2018

From the outset of the HPD Open Standard initiative in 2012, it has been our goal to encourage manufacturers to provide product decision-makers with information about the contents and associated health information of their products. We have now reached an unprecedented level of information availability, with over 3,500 HPDs published by manufacturers in the HPD Public Repository and 100 or more HPDs being published monthly. Of this total, over 1,000 have been published with the version 2.1 standard since August 2017. And, more than 2,000 HPDs are in the creation stage, yet to be published. This represents a dramatic increase in the scale and velocity of participation by manufacturers. 480 manufacturing companies are now registered in the HPD Builder – representing a 35% increase in the past year!

Now is the time for architecture and design professionals to explore the many products for which HPDs are available. Searching for and obtaining a published HPD (“published” meaning that the manufacturer has made the HPD “public”) is easy! You can access published HPDs directly via the HPD Public Repository. They are also available through product libraries and directories you use in your everyday practice, such as Ecomedes, mindful Materials, Origin and Sustainable Minds. Published HPDs provide one of the most accessible means to achieve the LEED v4 Material Ingredients credit Option 1, which focuses on disclosure of product contents. HPDC, working with USGBC, has created a guide for using HPDs to achieve this LEED credit.

A big thank you to the 100’s of manufacturers who have published HPDs! Check out who’s published new HPDs in January in the list below.

Arauco North America
Architex International
ASC Profiles
ASM Modular Systems, Inc.
Carnegie Fabrics
Cloverdale Paint Inc. – Cloverdale Paint & Rodda Paint Co.
Dal-Tile Corporation
EB Metal
Henry Company
Momentive Performance Materials
Nordic Structures
PolyOne Corporation
Pyrok, Inc.
SAS International
Scranton Products
Sloan Valve Company
Spinneybeck | FilzFelt
Superior Essex
Swan Surfaces
The Mitchell Group
Unika Vaev

Just Starting Out With Transparency?

If you or your colleagues are just starting out with practicing transparency or are looking to refresh your understanding, HPDC’s “The Empowered Design Professional” CEU course is a great place to start! The course is free and provides CEU credits for AIA, GBCI, and IDCEC programs.

HPD Open Standard Revisions in Progress

Improvement of the HPD Open Standard is an ongoing process, overseen by the HPDC Technical Committee and Board of Directors. We have instituted an annual “dot-release” process since the advent of Version 2.0. The reason for this is to enable timely response to suggestions for improvement that can make the Standard more effective, and also to help us streamline and reduce costs associated with reporting and using the data in completed HPDs.

Occasionally we may encounter a change that needs a more rapid response, and we have decided that such a situation exists this year. As a result, we are planning to release Version 2.1.1 in March and a full implementation in HPD Builder in May. Version 2.1.1 will include several small, but important, enhancements to Version 2.1. The most notable will be to update Hazard Screening to the most recent release of GreenScreen® v1.4, and to enable format changes to accommodate the reporting of Special Conditions. Special Conditions in the HPD Open Standard have been in development by our Technical Committee and we are now readying several of these for final approval and use. As more Special Conditions are completed, they will be added to the Emerging Best Practices section of the Standard, which is available on the HPDC website.

Version 2.2 will contain more new features, such as the Supplier HPD, which will create an HPD Open Standard method for suppliers to directly create reports about ingredients. We are very excited for the potential of this added feature to improve quality and reduce time and cost associated with creating HPDs. Version 2.2 is currently planned for release in Summer 2018 and implementation in HPD Builder in the September/October timeframe.

Intro to Third Party Verification for Manufacturers – Webinar Replay Now Available

If you missed the live webinar on January 26th, a replay is now available. The four Approved Verifiers – Green Circle Certified, SCS Global Services, Vertima and WAP Sustainability Consulting – provided overviews of their verification programs. There is also a summary of the Verification Program key features, an update on program harmonization with Declare, and an informative Q&A session. If you are thinking about verifying your HPDs, this is a great introduction to the program!

Our Newest Members

Foshan Fasa Building Material Co., Ltd
A&A Green Phoenix Group Joint Stock Company
Eco Safety Products
Gigabase, Inc.
Halfen Gmbh
Henry Company
Tate Access Floors, Inc.

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