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Preferred Purchasing Criteria for Sealants

The Material Buyers Club invites sealant manufacturers to increase their market share by increasing ingredient transparency and optimizing ingredients in their products by having Health Product Declarations (HPDs) prepared for sealant formulations.

What are HPDs?

Health Product Declarations (HPDs) provide a standardized format for reporting product content and associated health and environmental hazards of ingredients within a product. Used by builders, architects, and industrial designers to select safer products in the built environment, HPDs ensure consistent, reliable, and impartial assessment of a product’s material health profile. More than 9,000 HPDs can be found in the HPD Public Repository.

Material Buyers Club Preferred Purchasing Criteria for Sealants

  1. Provide a Health Product Declaration (HPD)* prepared by a Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC) approved third-party preparer with intentionally added ingredients, impurities, and residuals disclosed. Disclosure to 1000 ppm required and 100 ppm preferred.  (Our suggested preparer is ToxServices LLC.)
  2. Preliminary ingredient optimization based on identified hazards.

(While ingredients must be disclosed to the third-party preparer, proprietary ingredients can be kept confidential and will not be disclosed on an HPD.)

*The Buyers Club will pay for the first five HPDs.

Why Participate?

  • Increase market share.
  • Improve worker and public health.
  • Demonstrate leadership in chemical transparency and healthier materials.
  • Qualify products for LEED points.
  • Avoid potential Prop 65 litigation.
  • Get ahead of California’s Safer Consumer Products, TSCA, EU REACH, and other regulations.
  • Increase brand value.

About the Material Buyers Club

The Material Buyers Club is a group of large institutional purchasers working together to increase transparency and decrease harmful chemical usage for healthier workplaces. Since 2014, Buyers Club members have collaborated with manufacturers, architects, designers, specifiers, and academics to develop and support new and innovative healthier building products.

The Buyers Club manages a combined 3 billion square feet of buildings worldwide.

Current members include:

Harvard University
Housing Partnership Network
Kaiser Permanente
San Francisco Department of Environment
Troon Pacific